Terms & Conditions


It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that these terms & conditions are followed to avoid any injury or damage to the inflatable/equipment while on hire to you.


Please make sure you follow the instructions below.


NO refund is given after the equipment is set up and signed for.


No adult should use any equipment that is not suited for their use our kids castles have a age limit of 11 and should not be used by anyone older if your unsure please ask the driver or contact us on 07894686049 contact us


A responsible adult must supervise the equipment at all times, no person under the influence of drink or drugs should supervise or operate the equipment.


Always ensure that the equipment is not overcrowded, and limit the numbers according to the size and age or the person using them. Always avoid a mixture of large and smaller persons using at the same time


Do not allow anyone to bounce on the front step it is there for safety to help with entry and exit of the inflatable anyone doing so could easily fall off and get hurt


Please ensure that no one with a history of Heart, neck or back problems, joint or bone weakness,high blood pressure or anyone with a history of known medical disabilities uses the inflatable equipment,in the event of anyone to feel unwell they should be removed from the inflatable immediately


All shoes, glasses, jewellery and badges should be removed before using the equipment


No face paint, party poppers, silly string, coloured streamers, food, drink, chewing gum, pets, toys and sharp objects are to be allowed on the inflatable. this will avoid chocking, and soiling of the inflatable. there is a £50 cleaning fee for any misuse of these terms but could be more depending on the severity of the soiling/damage


No BBQ's or smoking are allowed near any of the inflatables


Climbing, hanging or sitting on the walls is dangerous and MUST NOT be allowed


Please make sure that user are not pushing, colliding, fighting, attempting somersaults, wrestling, running or behaving in a manor that may cause injury, damage or distress to other using the equipment


Do not allow anyone to be on the inflatable during inflation or deflation as this could cause both damage and injury to the user


It is strongly recommended that the inflatable should not be used in strong winds it is not safe to do so, if winds are predicted of 24 mph including gusts we may have unfortunately cancel the booking on safety grounds we don't take this decision lightly but your safety is our propriety.


We also recommend that if there is a heavy down pour of rain that the inflatable is switched off until it passes as it becomes more slippery and dangerous, once the rain has passed the inflatable can be dried with the aid of a towel.


In the unlikely event that the blower stops working please ensure ALL users exit the inflatable immediately, make sure that the blower tube has not come lose, that the deflation zip is still shut and that there is nothing obstructing the intake on the blower. Failing all this please contact us for further assistance


Always use the equipment supplied only use electrical equipment supplied by us, as not all electrical equipment is suitable for our equipment and its also not tested our electrical equipment is PAT tested to ensure that meets health and safety guidelines all our equipment is splash proof it can be left out in wet weather but please don't allow them to become fully submerged.


Do not allow any person to interfere, misuse, neglect, loss or failure to follow these conditions shall deem the hirer liable for for replacement, or repair of equipment.


Any damage to equipment caused by misuse, neglect, loss or failure to follow these conditions shall deem the hirer liable for full repair or replacement of equipment in addition to any loss of business as a result of such loss or damage.


It is vital that these rules are followed to protect the equipment and those using it. should there be any questions regarding this please contact us and resolve them before the hire.


By booking you are agreeing to our terms of hire


Delivery times are between 7.30am -1pm unless specific delivery time is opted for collection time is 6pm this is an approximate as we cant collect every hire at 6pm but not guarantees of a later collection can be given. We will give a better estimate of delivery times the day before your hire date, If your hire is indoors and you have a specified a specific delivery time we will work all our other bookings around your times, we will contact you to discus this, if you would like a later collection time than 6 pm why not take advantage of our overnight option. overnight bookings will be collected from 7.30am the next morning.

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